We are all responsible to do what we can to help our planet heal. If we can accelerate that healing then let’s do it!

The way we move is changing, micro-mobility has gained huge momentum, but I believe we need a vehicle that leap-frogs the past.

We all want to have a relationship with our vehicle, one that instils pride and gives enjoyment. Above all we want to be safe, be seen, be heard!

In Dragonfly, we have forged, design, function, performance & safety into one vehicle. Its impact could be life changing for future generations.

I have always loved adrenalin sports, especially water sports. Riding around the city I wanted to have that same enjoyment. No matter the journey I wanted to feel excited, yet safe! Endless products were tested, which were functional but often poorly constructed and simply joyless to ride.

Time for something new! I set about creating a concept for a product that drew from the fun of skateboarding and combined it with the engagement of kite surfing. All in a way that’s safe!

After 3 years of incredibly hard work & a hugely talented team, drawing upon motorsport technology and materials, Dragonfly took shape.

The result I couldn’t have even dreamt about. The three dimensional steering system & carbon flex deck with all-round independent suspension is truly unique.

A stunning aesthetic combined with safety & practicality. Every journey now puts a smile on your face.

Let’s clean up our footprints. I call upon everyone to join our journey & fly your own path with Dragonfly.

Jez Williman – CEO D-Fly Group